Monday, April 27, 2015

This Post Only Took Me A Few Days

It's almost 3am on a Monday morning as I start this.

I'm currently sitting on a cushion on the floor of my apartment with a Glade Toasted Marshmallow oil candles burning on my dresser, my iPhone playing "In A Coffee Shop" background noise, and a nice cup of tea steeping at my side.

In going through all my tea when I first moved in, I had a lot of half or less filled boxes of tea so I originally tried consolidating them into the boxes I did have, but in the end I took a popcorn tub my mother gave me for Christmas, cleaned it out, and now all my individual bagged tea live in there.

I thought I had a sleepy time type tea, but I think I only have that in loose leaf, and I still need at least a coffee press to do loose leaf (as well as an electronic kettle). In the end, I chose yummy Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea which claims to "ease tension and promote relaxation."

I like Yogi tea. Aside from yummy tea, you get an uplifting quote on the tag of your tea bag. Mine says "When ego is lost, limit is lost."

My head hurts a little due to sinuses which makes me grumpy. It's not as bad as it could be, but there is a slight pain in the back of my head, off center to the right. It's minor, and I can work through it... I just really hate my sinuses.

I had originally started this post late last week. I made a few attempts to finish, but other things got in the way... like migraines and stomach aches due to powerloss.

I had two days off in a row and did nothing. At least it felt like it.

Went to bed Wednesday night with the best of intentions. I had planned to window shop for some things, get other things done, and generally get out of the house and be productive.

Thought: Can you say "house" when it's actually an apartment?

Then I woke up Thursday morning not feeling so up to snuff. I felt rather crap-tastic due to sinuses (one nostril completely blocked and my head hurting) as well as powerloss making my whole body ache but mainly my lower half. Regardless, I spent most of the day curled in the fetal position hating life and waiting for the pain to subside continually in and out of consciousness. I was hoping to be well enough to at least be social with friends that night (which I was although it was later than I had intended).

Friday morning wasn't much better. Still fatigued from powerloss, I made myself get out of bed when I woke up to do what I had planned to do the day before.

Things I'd let to get or need for my apartment:
  • I have two items from IKEA already picked out though I'll have to get them separately due to price. (I'll also need some kind of computer chair.)
  • I also have a pot/pan set at Big Lots that I like that I'll get when I can.
  • I found some dishes at Target that I like.
  • standing paper towel dispenser
  • coffee press 
  • electric tea kettle
  • over the toilet storage that I don't have to pin to the wall
  • step stool
  • toaster oven
  • crock pot
  • blender
  • area rugs
  • mats for the bathroom and the kitchen

Okay, now I'm at work trying to finish this blog... man, I suck at this these days. (I can't WAIT to get my desk!!! And chair!!! Hopefully that will make blogging/writing easier and NO MORE BACKACHES!!!)

I also FINALLY got my soup. I ordered "Velvet Chicken with Sweet Corn Soup." There's a slight chill in the air, so I thought some soup would be good.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

When I first got in today, I called to confirm an order with a restaurant, and the guy I was speaking with told me to hold on while I heard him ask a woman if they had the order. The chic said yes, and he got back on the phone to tell me they had it. I thanked him, to which he said "You're welcome. Have a good one." By reflex, I said, "You, too," to which he then said, "You have a nice voice. I like your voice." By reflex, I said, "Thank you," but then after we hung up, I thought "WAIT. WHAT?!" Shortly after that, my co-worker Elysse C told me she liked my voice, too, saying she found it soothing. (Not sure if she was kidding, but I'll take it as a compliment.)

When I posted this on Facebook, my friend's mother Terrie S said to take the compliment. But then I commented that I did, but in my experience, when I am complimented on my voice, it's usually the compliment followed by some dirty explanation of said compliment. (Yeah, I've received THOSE kinds of phone calls before. Not cool.)

I then immediately thought of anecdotes: one from high school and one from college years.

High School Anecdote: My senior year of high school I was part of a theatre group that wrote, produced and performed plays for kids with themes like "say no to drugs" or "how to deal with strangers" or "how to deal with peer pressure." Every year the group has to perform their latest play to the Board of Education. After school one day, me and Cindy E. went home with Candace P. to her house since her mother was going to taxi us to and from the performance. (Both of Candace's parents were therapists though different kinds - if memory serves, one was a psychologist and one was a psychotherapist.) Anyway, on the way there to the performance, her mother had to drop of her two younger brothers to a baseball game. When they got out of the front seat, her mother asked if any of us wanted to move up front. We were fine where we were so she continued driving. As the three of us chatted about random stuff, her mother said in the dark (it was nighttime at this point), and said, "Fro, you have such a lovely voice." I said, "Thank you, Mrs. P," still learning myself to take a compliment. Then she asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I told her I wanted to be a writer. She said, "That's interesting... since you have a lovely voice for radio." I thought that was cool and thanked her again. Then she added, "Or one of those 900 numbers." And Candace said, "MOTHER!!!" I still took it as a compliment even though I said nothing since I don't really see myself as sexy by any means, but apparently I have a sexy voice.

Which leads me to...

COLLEGE YEARS ANECDOTE: When I moved back to Fresno from the Pennsylvania, I was living with my mother, and at the time she still had an answering machine. (Once she got her cell phone, she got rid of the house line. Her husband is a realtor, and has his own work line in the house as well.) When she still had the phone line, and I was living with her until I got my own place, she said I needed to change the outgoing message on the machine to include both of us. So I did.

Some time later hanging out with friends, I was chatting with a few of my guy friends, and somehow we got on the topic of my voice, and then one of them said, "Why do you think we call you all the time? Your outgoing message is hot!" Feeling weird and insecure, the very next day, I rerecorded the message making a conscious effort to sound "not hot," and I think I succeeded. (I eventually moved and no one has said anything about my cell phone message so... I think I'm good for now.)

Yeah yeah, I'd totally love to be sexy... but not via phone! I don't want to be the epitome of the end of Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotions" video.

Speaking of which... I need to plot out my gym schedule again. OH! As well as the Avengers: Age of Ultron double feature. Hmmm...

Okay, I think I've babbled on long enough. The kink in my back is still there even though I got a massage yesterday. The Good?: Everything else is great. The Bad?: That spot is still grumpy.

Calgon - take it away!!!

I need to write more.

I think I deserve a beer when I get home. Yeah!

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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