Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pain, Fatigue and Fiction

Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.
-William Goldman from William Goldman: Four Screenplays

My left knee hurts, my shin is grumpy and my ankle needs an attitude adjustment.

My lower back is a little moody, too.

Can I swap my body out for a newer, less frakked up model? Or can I just get a knee, shin, ankle and back replacement? Oh, new feet, too. I'm getting more and more tired of my sasquatch feet.

Yeah, I'm in a mood... I guess. The pain (which is now just at an irritating but deal with-able level) is most likely enhancing my crabbiness, but other than that, I think I'm all right. Currently noshing on a salad from Erik's Deli & Cafe and drinking an iced coffee I got from Jack in the Box this morning. Got a green mango slushy from Quickly, too. And don't forget my snack bag. I bring it all the time in case I need to eat, but so far I haven't touched it much during the day. It's filled with carbs anyway since I went to an Asian bakery last night and got some yummies. The lady threw in a bread thing, but she spoke quietly so I didn't get what was in it. When I snacked on it at home, it was two fluffy slices of bread with some buttery cream filling. It was tasty.

No story blog updates. At last tally, this month I have updated six of my fourteen story blogs so even though it's not a full month's work, I still feel accomplished... at least to a point.

I've also been tired lately. Not sure what the frak is going on. It doesn't seem to be my usual insomnia issues. It feels like fatigue... like when I'm experiencing powerloss. I'm sure my weight is effecting it, too, but overall, it's annoying.

Okay... on to actual writing stuffs.

I'm still dabbling in my notebook (yay for purple pens). Lately it feels like I have all these ideas in my head but I just can't get my hands and brain to sync up. There are times I wish I could just Matrix my head into a computer so it can log in all the stuff that I think during sleep or when my body is just too out of it to concentrate on really writing much less moving.

And also was talking to my friend Aaron C (who I also work with) the other day. He did NaNoWriMo last year. He met his goal which I was so proud of as well as jealous since I didn't make my goal though I was close. (I WILL finish a book one of these days... and no, I don't think the ones I wrote in high school count. I occasionally look at them and though the concepts are okay, the writing? *facepalm* In any case, I think my voice has changed some since then. I plan to clean those up sometime. I'll get around to it eventually.)

Anyhoo, we were talking shop (aka nerd, subcategory writing), and we got to talking about NaNoWriMo this year. Ever since last year being the adorable little pest I am, I would off/on ask him how editing and rewrites were going, and he would grumble once in a while (since it is a difficult process), but he'd be making progress bit by bit so that made me happy as I'm sure it made him happy. As of this past Saturday at work, he was close to done, and when I asked him (as I did all year long since last time), he said he'll be doing NaNoWriMo this year. I told him that if I could get a new laptop by November (fingers crossed), I might just give it another go. My thing is I have a few small bits in my head as far as stories go but nothing like the actual full fledged novel ideas I've done in the past. So if between now and then and if the planets perfectly align, I might just give it another go... if I've got the laptop and the full idea.

Now I can hear all of you griping at me already. "Why don't you just take one of your little ideas and make it into a big idea?" It's not that easy. Each writer works differently, and I wouldn't be the only one to agree my mind works at its own individual weirdness, but still... when talking with Aaron, two bits came to mind.

I wrote out a scene to one of them since it's always in my head, and when that happens and the scene/idea won't go away, I have to write it out to purge it from my brain (or at least make it happy that I paid it some attention and will behave and leave Mommy alone for the time being). That one is more of a SciFi/Fantasy thing that I've had in my noggin for ages. It's just requires a little more fine tuning as well some other things.

And then there's the other one.

It involves the FBI and mind fuckery. (Yeah, you heard me.) Now I've already been told I can do creepy and maybe even suspense, but I think this one requires a little research. It's got some guns and some mind play and some other stuff... not to mention the heavy fine tuning and trying to make it all logically work since it's straight up fiction. Usually my tastes fall into the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres (at least what I can best guess at any rate since I usually have some magic element or some scary bit or whatever). This however would be one of my forays into real life stuff. (By real life, I mean no dragons, werewolves, wizards, etc). No one will be walking through walls or invoking a spirit or slaying some demon beastie. It will actually be plain old fiction.

At best genre classification, it might be a suspense or a thriller?

In any case, that one intimidates me more than the first but they both intrigue me.

On a side note, I've always entertained turning one of my story blogs into a novel of some kind. Also I plan on - somewhere down the line - piecing together the segments that (if not obvious to the reader) kind of overlap with other stuff in my storyblogs. (My children like to play together.) There's a lot from the "girl, boy, line" arena as is some of the "Stoically Challenged" and "The Curly Muse" bits. The first story that started off the "girl, boy, line" bit was inspired by my friend Chris C's prompt (yup, he was my first, LOL). He commented how he liked it, and that it reminded him of the show CHUCK which I take as a HUGE compliments since I love that show to bits! Stories from prompts that followed started to follow suit, my mind taking these two new characters and just automatically placing them (at least in my head anyway) in the same universe.

There are a few others that have only gone a couple stories in, and then I got stuck, but I would love to expand them eventually... when my mind will work with my muses and make Mommy happy.


But yeah, that's enough babble for now.

To sum up: my body hurts, I'm tired, I'm writing again, I hope to do NaNoWriMo this year, and life occasionally makes me grumpy.


Yeah, I think that's it. ^_~

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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