Sunday, June 3, 2012

Don't Mind the Crazy... I'm A Writer

Well, isn't it comforting to know that being miserable is still better than being an idiot? 
-Claire from the series "Six Feet Under"

Yeah, I know.  I suck.

May 18th?  (You can't see it right now, but I'm kicking myself.)

Before I beat myself up anymore, let me get the accomplishments out of the way.

And now for the noncomplishments.  (Yeah, that's right.  I made up a word.  Deal with it.)
  • I'm still behind on my Wheels-O-Wonder stories which depresses me.  I have part of one from before done, but I still need to write another one to catch up on my bi-monthly updates for that story blog.
  • I still need to work on Chris M's story... which I have part of that done, too, but when I look back on what I've written, it does not please me (but then again, you are your own worst critic, so...)
  • I'm WAY behind on the Story A Day for May challenge... seeing as it's already June and all, but I still plan on doing all the prompts so... put that in your pipe and smoke it.
And back to beating myself up.

Seriously though, I know all writers get stuck at one point or another, but lately (especially this last month) I've been feeling extremely apathetic about writing.  Usually the insomnia (and sometimes the occasional sinus migraine) leave me in such an exhausted state where my brain is screaming at the rest of me to jot down some ideas or write something, but the body is too weak.

I swear I need to jack-in like The Matrix and spill my thoughts into the computer at times like those.  It would totally beat out the middle man and the hassle of teaching one of those dictation programs how to write what you say.  Then again, my mind is not one of the safest places to linger around in.  It's my mind for frak sakes, and I tell you people... RUN!


Yeah, life stress is adding more than usual to the ever-flowing "meh" feeling, but I remain hopeful... though that is on shaky ground and completely unstable (much like me some would say).


On a lighter note, I was looking through my story blogs (most of which are just ongoing stories I started for one reason or another and just couldn't let go of), but I noticed that two of them were close to ending.
When I was working on my two stories for a boy, a girl, and a line... (which for some reason I feel the need to do in order), I was looking through my notes and saw that I had two prompts left.  So yesterday on a fluke I posted the following on my various social networks:

Looking over my story blogs, I have two more prompts left for "a boy, a girl, and a line..." (one from Jillian S. and one from John S.).

Anyone want to give me anymore? Just need a boy's name, a girl's name, and a line of dialogue. :)
So far, I have five new prompts.
Confession time: I'm surprised anyone answered.
Originally back in March 2010, I had pinged my friend Chris C totally at random because I was stuck while working on my novel and wanted to write something in hopes my brain would spring to life and say, "By golly.  I have a spectacular idea for the novel."
Yes.  Golly.  Get over it already.
Anyway, he didn't reply until a couple days later so I randomly texted other friends, and they responded.  I posted for suggestions online, and I got some more back... all in all nineteen.  I did a good chunk of them in 2010 in the span of three months.  Then two in July 2011. Then five as of this year since I started this mad cap cooky idea to try and update all my story blogs on a monthly basis.

Yup. Mad cap cooky.  I talk like that.  And?  (That's what I thought.)
Life, stress, insomnia and other writing projects got in the way of me working on the prompts (hence the gap between May 2010 & July 2011 and then later between July 2011 & January 2012).  They were originally meant as something to keep me writing when I was stuck while working on my novel... kind of like when a jogger jogs in place when waiting to cross the street.  But after a while I got poked by friends asking if I'd done their story yet.  Whether or not they were serious and truly cared or were just giving me grief, I tried working on them... for them as well myself.
So now it's become this thing.  

I didn't expect the first nineteen and am rather tickled that I got the new submissions.

Funny thing is some people got confused at my request.  All I said was "give me a boy's name, a girl's name, and a line of dialogue" which I thought was self-explanatory.  Most of the original submissions were exactly what was requested.  Others... I worked with.  Now of the new submissions, I got one boy name and one girl name, but some people have given me more than one line of dialogue... which is fine.  I'll work with it.  And I've properly yanked chains that needed to be yanked.

*innocent cough* Seester *innocent cough*

The other story blog in question is Stoically Challenged where my friend Alithea S posted weekly writing assignments (which I don't do in order which boggles my OCD's mind) via her own page only missing days when she had a lot going on or when she was sick, etc.  Then she moved to another state so in prepping for that move left the assignment postings in the wind... then she picked up when life returned to some normalcy post-move.
Of the homework assignments she's posted, I'm still stuck on Epic.  When I think 'epic', I think Biblical or classic poetry or literature... okay, and the record label as well as my friend Britt F's YouTube channel.  (wink wink nudge nudge say no more)
And for those that didn't get that last part, it was a Monty Python reference.  If you didn't get it, well... I might have to rethink our friendship.
When I've discuss the "epic" assignment with friends, they find a way to put it into perspective for me, and then I get ideas that quickly fizzle away like Alka Seltzer tabs in water.  
I'll get it done sooner or later.  Maybe I'll save it for last.

As it is, I have five left.  There have been thirty-four in total at present.  I think the last one she posted was from January.  Maybe she'll post more.  Maybe she'll post more when I'm working on the last one I have.  Wouldn't that be convenient?  I used to do them in order and on-time, but then I got behind, and then started doing them willy-nilly.

Ugh.  I need to update my notebook of all the stories I've done so I don't repeat anything... like with homework assignment #32.  (headdesk)

Wow.  Would you look at that?  It's 7am, and I really should get some rest due to having to take my friends to the airport later.  The plan is to meet them at their place between 1:45pm & 2pm so we have enough time for them to do the security thing due to them flying international and all.  I also have to get gas in my car.  Maybe even some coffee.  And then there's traffic.  The plan is to get ready around 11am so I can properly fight my way around my housemates and their four Yorkies (one of which who hates me when they're around and then is scared of me when they're not... it's hilarious... considering the other three love me).

So I think I'll end it here.  I've griped, whined, reported and made enough chit-chat to suffice for now.  Still, I need to write here more often than I do.  Maybe once a week?  I dunno.

And if you have any submissions for "a boy, a girl, and a line...", you can leave them here.  Remember, all I need from you is...
  • a boy's name
  • a girl's name
  • and a line of dialogue
  • and also you're name so I can give you proper credit as I have been doing with all the others
Okay, check ya later beautiful people.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!


  1. Damn, Rachel. As ever, your prolific writing puts my writing work ethic to shame. I really need to catch up on some of your story blogs, by the way.

    1. Wow! Prolific. I've been hearing a lot of words lately used to describe me that I've never heard used before ever. Now I can add "prolific" to the list. Thanks Kevin! :)

      As far as your writing work ethic, I do have a little more spare time than you these days. *wink wink* Hopefully that'll change soon, and it won't effect my writing output much.

      Have fun when you check out my story blogs eventually. Hopefully I won't hurt your brain too much or make your eyes and ears bleed from the agony. LOL!