Friday, May 18, 2012

Seriously, I Got Nothin'

Brain: Our work here is done.
Scamper: "Our work"?  You spent the whole time playing with a piece of ribbon.
-from the movie "Igor"

Sitting in my room dealing with a leaky nose (thanks jalapenos) and wishing away the beginnings of a headache while I listen to some music as I think about what story blog to work on next.

I thought while I try to work out story ideas, I'd write a quick blog to say howdy and all that.

Let's start off with my accomplishments, shall we?  (Update-update time.)
I'm behind on a lot, but at least I did this much so... yay me?

I'm still tossing around ideas for the 100 day blog thing, but my mind's so all over the place, I'm not sure if I'm even going to do it.  I know I keep saying that, and I would love to, but I just can't decide on anything.

As it is, I'm behind on StoryADay for May.  I did one story for the entire month thus far.  It's the 18th for frak's sake.  And my OCD/anal-retentive brain wants to do them in order... so as you can see, the May 2nd prompt is leaving me agitated.


As far as "writing" goes, I've been thinking of the show Leverage a lot in a fanfictiony kind of way.

One thing to know about me is I'm NOT a fanfiction author by any means.  Yes, I've dabbled in some stories as gifts to friends, but that's where it ends.  I just never feel comfortable playing in someone else's sandbox like that.  Sure there are shows that I know a lot about, but I just find the whole thing intimidating and wouldn't want to muck anything up.  Granted that doesn't keep me from thinking up stuff.

Oh no, Sir!  It does not.

See... I love me some TV.  And when I say "love", I mean "LOVE".  But I guess that comes with the territory since I'm a writer (as well as an avid reader).  I just LOVE me some good storytelling.  So when I watch my shows, every once in a while my mind will conjure up some character (usually female since I imagine people I know in the roles of stories I write... with me as the main chic lead) that fits right into that shows universe.  I'll think about them from time to time, but that's pretty much it.

Okay... I write some things, but they're mostly just for me.

As with all the story bits floating around in my noggin, some kids refuse to quiet down while Mommy is working.  When that happens, I have to show them a little attention until they calm down, and I can get back to work.  So I write out what's in my head until it's no longer distracting me and go back to the story at hand... the story I want to focus all my attention on.

So yeah... I have a few tidbits or scenes I thought up that dwell in the realms of some of the shows that have entertained me over the years.

I think my fanfiction daydreams started back in the days of Doogie Howser, MD.  I never cared for Wanda or the way she treated Doogie.  I had envisioned a different girl for him, but of course there's was not an immediate thing.  They started off as good friends first.

Next up was Highlander: the series.  (I think I've seen all the movies and sadly cared for the series much more.)  I created an immortal who befriends Duncan and Richie, but has her own dark past as well.  Ohhh, and she and Amanda do NOT hit it off right away.  Tee hee...

I've played around with Sports Night (LOVED that show... should have had a longer run than just two seasons).  I wrote a love interest for Dan that eventually had to compete with Rebecca (since she came back at the end of season two).

I also thought up a character for the Blood books universe by Tanya Huff which takes place after the last book.  (A new love interest for Henry.)

Most recently I had an idea for an additional character for the show CHUCK (I WANT MORE THAN FIVE SEASONS!!!).  My girl fit into the beginning of season four.  She's a fellow CIA agent only sent out for a brief visit, but then ends up staying on to help out the team.  She becomes fast friends with Chuck, but Sarah doesn't trust her due to the last agent sent out to work with them and how well that turned out.  (Agent Shaw anyone?)

And now we have Leverage.  I know the show is back in July, but one day the show just popped into my head, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  My girl who's path crosses with the Leverage team since they're after the same man for different reasons.  Then Nate sees something in her and offers to help her in her pursuits and as payment for his help, she must assist him and his team for the duration of her stay.  (There's also a friendship with Eliot that builds.)

Yeah... Leverage keeps trying to take over my brain, and it's driving me crazy.

I have eleven more story blog updates... twelve if you count the one I didn't do for last month... thirteen if you count the Pol story I never finished.

Then there's my story for Chris M as well as the Story A Day for May.  I did one so that leaves (gee, what is today?) seventeen left?

And possibly the 100 day blog challenge.

And my novels.




Add that to the life stress I'm already under... I'm amazed I haven't killed anyone yet.

(takes time to breathe and unwind)

Right now it feels that all I have is my writing, and it's driving me bonkers that I feel like I don't even have control over that.

It would be incredibly awesome if some incredibly awesome decided to bless me with its magic wand and turn my life around so perhaps the lack of stress would kick my insomnia in the junk and seduce my Muses into sticking around and help me finish some of my storytelling so I can feel better.

Oh to feel better.  That would be lovely.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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