Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stop With The Poking Already!!!

Yeah, it's like that.
Currently on my lunch at work. I usually write at my desk, earbuds in, ignoring the word. Trying to work on my Ezrie story... but another story - Becca - keeps poking my brain.
Becca: (poke poke poke...)
Me: No Becca. Mommy needs to finish Ezrie's story.
Becca: But I have the sequel all planned out!
Me: Sequel? I haven't even written the first one yet.
Becca: I know! (poke poke poke)
Me: (grumbling) Not helping.
Becca: (grins) Of course I am. (poke poke grin poke poke snicker poke...)

Later on...

Becca: (poke)
Me: I'm working. Sh!
Becca: Moooooommmmm!!! (poke)
Me: Not now.
Becca: (poooooooooooke)
Me: (headdesk)

My story children drive me to drink at times.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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