Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feeling accomplished and productive (And you?)

Tom Creo: There's been progress at work...
Izzi: [
laughs] My conquistador! Always conquering...
~from the film "The Fountain"

Well hello my lovelies!  Miss me?  (Oh shut up and humor me, will you?)

Now what has been happening in the Land of Oz since last we spoke?

There's been drama in my life, but then again - when hasn't there been, right?  Still, I'd prefer if it would leave me alone.  Like the lyrics from the Kelly Clarkson song "What's Up Lonely?" - just replace the theme of lonely with drama (and while we're at it, add stress in there as well).

But on more of a writer kick...

I have been writing.  Not a lot, really.  At least it doesn't feel like a lot.  In any case, I have been looking about my many "story blogs" (as I have been calling them lately), and I have noticed that most of them have been lacking mommy's attention.

(For those that don't know, I see my stories as my children which would make me their mother.  Got it?  Good.  Now that we're on the same page...)

Where was I?  Ah yes.

So every once in a while, a spark of inspiration (or something) has ignited something within me, and I have gone back to those stories and added onto them.  Now the original idea was that each story had it's own blog and ideally I would update them on a somewhat regular basis.  But then life and drama and insomnia and what-not got in the way, and my babies were left on their own leaving both of us sad.

As I added more and more to older stories and started revisiting my story blogs, I came up with a goal: that I would update all my story blogs so their most recent post would be as of this year.  Then once all of them had been made current, I would work on keeping them current on a more regular basis.

Sound challenging?  I think so.

All the story blogs that I had posted to this year I left alone and concentrated solely on really old ones.  When I went back, I was disappointed a little in myself since some hadn't been touched in several years.

Bad writer.  No donut.  (I've been indulging in some Psycho Donuts lately.  Yeah, this writer has a sweet tooth and LOVES her carbs.)

As of now, I have one story blog left to update to this year, and I'm all kinds of happy about that.  Every time I write something, I have shamelessly plugged myself (wow, did that sound dirty to anyone else just then?) on my Facebook and Twitter forgetting completely about my Google+ and various other networking sites.  I'm currently fixing that.

I want people to read me and subscribe to me and love me so I'm spreading myself around like the plague... but a happy plague filled with double rainbows and sunshine without babies in them and unicorns that know nothing of Candy Mountain... yet.

So while updating one particular site with what I'd written, I tried going back through my Facebook, but that was taking too long, so I just went through my story blogs and shared my progress.

Things I've written this year (in alphabetical story blog order):
In some NON-fiction writing news:
  • Everything At Least Once (This is a blog I created to talk about new stuff I have tried - or things I've tried for the first time.  It started off being mostly about food, but I'm trying to change that.)
  • Woven Inspiration (Then, of course, there's the blog you're reading right now which I started this year.  *waves*  I had started a blog to chronicle my first time doing NaNoWriMo last year... and then I just got to thinking about writing about writing.)
  • Moron Life: Lon, a fellow writer friend of mine, and I got to talking (about writing, duh), and he asked if I'd like to contribute to his website.  I said sure, but it was my first time writing for a website - other than my own blogs which no one reads *LOL!* - so admittedly I was a little nervous.  First I wrote a review of the season four premiere of True Blood and originally it was supposed to be a more regular thing, but my access to TV on a timely manner sort of made it a little impossible to keep up.  Then he got another idea for me to write something else, like "stuff I think y'all should be watching"... so then I wrote something about The Glades.  (I'm planning to write something for CHUCK before the the final season starts and see what he thinks. *grin*)
  • TVFanatic I also did a couple reviews for the site for my friend Jim while he and his wife Leah were away on vacation.  I reviewed the Eureka episode "Reprise" (which I loved but didn't think I did a great job on) and the Leverage episode "The Van Gogh Job" (which I liked a lot better as far as writing goes, and the episode alone was just lovely).
Okay, I think that's it. If not, oh well.

Looking at it all written out like that... it sure looks like I've been busy.  Ha!

The last story blog I have left to update is Results of the Writers' Wheels-O-Wonder.  My brother made me this random prompt creator which consists of four laminated pages which fold together and have spinners (like literary Twister... past participle GREEN!) and each sheet is a component that contributes to a new premise.  (A + B + C + D = premise.)  I've only done one so far which was posted on February 2010.  I had planned to do more and hopefully I shall.  So this story as well as my novel (I promise honey... mommy will get back to you soon.) take priority.

I'm also currently trying to design an index/table of contents of sorts for all my pages so I can make that my homepage. A sort of "one-stop shop" for all my writing.  It's still in the concepualizing (<=== Is that even a word?  Frak, is now.)  I want it to act as my "homepage" (you know that spot in your profile of whatever website you're a member of that says "website" or "homepage"? I want something to put there that reflects ALL my writing.) So I think an index would be a groovy idea... though I'm not sure how to design it.

(Me = not too incredibly tech savvy.)

Another idea I had was to add a widget to my writing blog Woven Inspiration, but again, I'm not sure I can do that (or if I could do that) or how to fit it onto my page.

But I'm still tinkering around with ideas.

Anyone have any suggetsions?

[stands back and takes a gander at what I've written]

Holy crimoley Batman!  I think this is the longest post on this blog EVER!

And on that note!... *smirks lovingly and waves*

Later my lovelies!

Have Goodness!

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