Friday, April 1, 2016

"My Mood Ring Just Vibrated, Turned Black & Exploded"

Today could have been better.

At least my morning could have been better. WAY better.

Aside from the morning part of my shift sucking big time, I had posted on the board between dispatch and CS about a restaurant calling saying that the driver that just left forgot a few items. Being a busy morning, I didn't realize that it didn't get handled until an employee from the company the order was called to say there were some missing items. I put him on hold, checked the feed on the board. Didn't look like anyone had replied to my earlier message but that doesn't necessarily mean they didn't take care of it.

So then I placed the guy on hold and walked back to dispatch... and got hella pissed.

Earlier when I had gone back there to check on something, there was a small conversation that I think had to do with zodiac signs, etc. When I went back to check on the missing items, one of the dispatchers looked at me to ask what was up - and I honestly couldn't remember since as soon as I opened the door, the ruckus was so frakkin loud, my memory temporarily shot from my brain.

The dispatcher closest to me was on break.

The dispatcher asking what was up had logged out of his computer.

The dispatcher at the very end in the corner still had his screen up.

I took a moment to try and focus on what I was back there for. Remembering, I walked toward the furthest dispatcher and asked him about the missing items issue I posted earlier. He had no idea what I was talking about. I gave him a quick run down, and told him if he did a search on the board, he'd see my message. He did and seemed genuinely surprised it was there. Then he said - like I didn't already know since we had to deal with the calls regarding the four big issues we had today. I wanted to snatch his face off like what he was telling me was an excuse. I had to deal with that shit, too, dude, and I kept my shit sorted. Still calm, I was asking if the driver ever went back to the restaurant for the forgotten items, but I was having difficulty hearing the dude right next to me because the 5 or so other people just chatting were doing so rather loudly to the point where I couldn't hear the dude inches from me.

I snapped.

I turned and said rather loudly something to the effect of "Can you all please quiet down for a moment? I'm trying to take care of a missed re-delivery." Needless to say everyone shut up and was looking at me. The dispatch manager tried to make a joke, and I said in a joking back manner, "I will backhand the lot of you." Having some peace and quiet then, I turned back to the dispatcher and asked if we could get someone to go back for the missing items. He said he would send a driver. I told him to post it on the board, and I walked out of the room... passing everyone who heard me get all serious.

Now... I haven't been in the best of moods lately. I've been a little on the sad/depressed side - a little unwanted, left out and out of the loop, but that's usually when I'm left to my own devices. When socializing, I seem to kick into my usual social butterfly self. It's most likely a phase which I'm sure it'll pass. If not, there's always alcohol. Ha!

I've also been a little more irritable... like I lack the patience to deal with stupid people.

Or inconsiderate people.

Ugh... I took down my candy bucket at work. People would come by, grab a whole mess of candy (like going through the pieces and picking out multiples of what they want). People have grabbed it and run off with it like a joke. Some have taken it, dumped it out on a nearby flat surface to make it easier to sift through, take what they want and then put the rest of the candy back. With the various fuckery going on and people messing with it, it's been busted up and ripped and they all look at me like "Oops!" Honestly I get irritated. The candy is coming from me... buying it with my own money... and is there to SHARE. Not just for one frakkin person.

General Rules of the Candy Box

  • Do not remove candy box from where it is clipped to my cubicle wall. Common sense bitches. It's at someone's desk whose space you are invading to get to it. You frak with it, it's going to get damaged, and then there's no bucket.
  • Do not hog the frakkin candy!!! When you come by, you can take a few paces (3 seems reasonable and fair). DO NOT stand there and take a handful of candy even when I'm there telling you not to do it. It's there for everyone. Not just YOU asshole!
  • If you don't see any candy you like, go away. Don't stand there going through the candy bucket grumbling about there's nothing in there that you like. Tough shit. And don't make requests either. This ain't Burger King, bitches. You can't have it your way. It's not your candy dish. It's mine.
  • Do not get pissy with me when there's no candy. I buy the candy that goes in the bucket out of my own pocket. And when greedy asshats come by taking more than there common sense fair share, you have no one to blame but yourself. Yeah, I"m looking at you Person Who Comes By 50 Times in one hour and doesn't say shit to me.
  • Say Hello. Don't just frakkin come by and take from me. (You know who you are.) Also the other candy dispenser that the other girl has at her desk? I would recommend asking if that's for public consumption before just taking some of her candy. And for you to dip into her stash and then into mine? And many times in a short span of time? And not say anything to us when we're sitting RIGHT THERE? Frakkin dick move. Most everyone else at least asks if they can have candy... or says thank you. 
  • Leave it the way you found it. Now that I've moved the candy into a clear cube container which has a lid and now sits on my desk as opposed to clipped to the wall, I'm fine with you having some candy still -- though now that it's not as accessible, I've noticed less people coming by my desk since they don't think I have candy anymore -- but the little toys I have on top of the container should back on top and the container should be flush with the cubicle wall. Is that too much to ask? 
I got some taffy and Smarties and non-chocolate stuff, and people were disappointed. Right now I have some Asian candies a driver gave me that she had leftover from Chinese New Year. All the small chocolates that I had in there are gone. Today at the end of my shift, I pushed the container further back along my desk so it's not so far out.

Common courtesy people. Respect me and my candy dish or step the frak off.

I did this once before at a previous job, and I swear...that office was nicer. They gave me money to get them candy saying "no rush, but that stuff you got one time was really good." And everyone always asked for a piece of candy. Those that were my friends would take a piece of candy and say Thank You to me. 

Why is that so hard where I'm at now?

There are some nice folks that have contributed to the candy dish over the years either with candy or money to get candy. It's the others. Even my manager - who has contributed on various occasions - will ask "Can I have a piece of candy?" 

I think part of the reason I've been easier to anger is due to politics. Captain Bad Toupee of the Asshole Brigade has been everywhere, and I can't seem to get away from him. He's in my Facebook feed, he's on the radio, he's the conversation people are having around me... and I could really give a frak what comes out of his mouth, but the fact that his followers are acting the way they are, that he's encouraging violence and hate and general assholery... it hurts my heart and pisses me off.

So of course they were yelling about politics earlier today when I walked in to ask about the missing items. Yeah I snapped. I feel bad a bit for the snapping, but we are at the office people. We're supposed to be working. I could really give a shit what you're talking about, but when you make it difficult for me to do my job? - that's not cool. I'm all for being social at work, but you still need to be able to get your shit done, too.

Ugh. This hasn't been the best post, has it. I haven't posted in a while, and I wanted to post something, and there has been no mention of writing. I've done a little. Not a lot. I'm still picking away at "Ezrie" so that's something. And I also wrote another part of a story for Kathy W for her birthday. I need to review the story a bit before I take it any further. (headdesk)

Okay, time for bed. I'm going to try and exercise starting tomorrow. I have some 30-day challenges to do. I've separated them into things I can warm up with to stuff I can do later once my body is used to being tortured. I had to look up some of the exercises - fire hydrant, Russian Twists, ski abs, Mountain Climber, etc. And I really don't like burpees. I remember doing a version of them back in school. Wasn't a fan then. Still not.

Okay, enough of that. Sleep now.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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