Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Full Moon! (And Now For An Update)

Just thought I'd take a quick moment to update everyone on my life. *waves to imaginary readers*

I really should be trying to sleep right now, but due to being tired, as soon as I got home today from work, I sort of collapsed on my bed, curled slightly in the fetal position and passed out for about an hour. (I think powerloss had something to do with it making me just a little extra tired and breaking the straw that broke the nap's back.)

Work... has been okay, I guess. I moved desks and am dealing with my new space. Policies and procedures keep changing and sometimes without notification or update, and that's annoying, but I keep rolling with the punches instead of throwing my own.

At present I'm waiting for something to happen (not work-related)... and I don't think I'll hear anything about it until the end of the month, beginning of next. I'm expecting the worst but hoping for the best. I'm not telling many people about it since I'm trying not to put all my eggs in one basket and gets my hopes up and then boom! - I don't get it. But we'll see.

I've been sick this month... and last month... yeah.

A few weeks ago on a Friday, I was at work - a miracle how I got to the office. I was light headed as well as the left side of my head felt like a spike was going through it. I also felt REALLY nauseous, I think I made it through an hour before texting my manager asking if I could go home. After a long, slow drive home - I was so tempted to just pull over and pass out in my car - I barely changed into jammies and passed out for most of the day. Mustered up enough energy to go to the store for soup, 7Up and crackers and then came home to feast on my nomnoms.

I still felt a little off for the next few days, but then about a week later, I was at work - this time a Tuesday - and I started to feel like shit. Again, head pain, woozy, nausea. Made it through a few hours before pretty much telling my manager I was going home. Another long, slow drive home, and it was a battle of going to the bathroom - will I or won't I puke? Finally it happened. I double bagged a couple trash bags and ended up "excising the demons" into it and immediately felt loads better... as well as knotting the bag and tossing it in the outside garbage. My throat was a little icky, and my body ached from being in bed all day. Didn't really sleep much. Had no energy to head out anywhere for grub. "Woke up" around 5pm and thought maybe I'll have a little bread and managed to keep a little down with some 7Up. After that, I passed right out... only to have to wake up a couple hours later for work when my alarm went off.


Having actually puked my guts out made my stomach a little grumpy, and it took a while for my appetite to come back. I devoured tea and broth mostly which was fine. (Is it wrong that I felt thinner when I was sick? LOL! I made a joke about how food poisoning is a great diet trick.) Was talking to someone at work, and when I told them how I felt hot inside but my body felt cool to touch, she thought maybe it wasn't food poisoning but a 24hr tummy bug of some kind.

I'm just done being sick.

But now powerloss is happening. It should be over soon - in the next couple of days. (Sucks that it gets worse when you get older. I don't find it fair that I have it for over 20 years and then it decides to say "Remember how I made you feel like death before? Now we're going to add sore breasts and nausea that makes you feel like the Incredible Hulk smashed you in the uterus... good day to you!")


I'm also ready for drama to go on vacation and never come back. I'm experiencing it in almost all aspects of my life... save maybe my family, which is odd.

Working on getting more organized in my life. I used to be so organized. I blame the accident. My personal life OCD changed ever since that damn truck hit me back in February 2013. *shakes fist at heavens and curses* I really need to work on my energy levels... ESPECIALLY during powerloss. If insomnia didn't kick my ass already, powerloss just makes me fantasize about being in a coma and hibernating.

I need to get my writing in gear, too. I need to finish the novel I was working on for NaNoWriMo last November, but now my brain is obsessed with a couple other stories - both old ideas that I haven't touched in a while though both had maybe a scene written for each and the rest is up in my noggin. (The children aren't playing nice and are vying for attention at the same time. This is not fair to mommy.)

Okay, this update is getting away from me. It's also getting later and later, and I should really get to sleep.

Later my lovelies,

Have Goodness!

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