Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Almost a Month Later...

I'm a salami writer. I try to write good salami, but salami is salami.
-Stephen King

Hi lovelies! It's me again. I really need to kick my own ass and get my shiznit in order with these updates.

I've been working on February updates. I completed January updates so YAY ME! I look at this month and think YEAH I CAN DO THIS! But then the whole thing of the month being a short month usually ends up screwing me over... which if you think about it is an ODD thing since it's only short a couple days.

Guess two days REALLY make a difference... or can psych you out... or at least ME out.


So what has happened since last I babbled at all y'all...

(looks back at date of last post)

Work. -- Work schedule needed to get sorted for the first weekend of this month. I had asked for it off at the beginning of January, and my manager said it would be okay... just to remind her closer to when next month's schedule was to be worked on. So I reminded her and made comments, etc. There was even one time when she asked me for a favor, and I obliged, and she said, "Thanks I owe you one." And I said, "In addition to getting the first weekend of February off?" She said, "Yes." So then I happened to log in to my work email on my day off to check my schedule (having felt a deep forboding all month) and lo and behold - I was scheduled to close on February 1st. Things eventually got sorted, but I was still a little grumbly about it.

Currently on my lunch in which I usually sit at my desk and write or surf the net or whatever, but I still get people coming up to me about work stuff. I joked with some friends recently that I was going to make a sign to hang outside my cube to say I'm on lunch. Today I wrote "Out to Lunch. - Do Not Disturb. - Thank you." So far, no one's bothered me. YAY!

Home. -- Landlady had her surgery. She'll be out of commission for a few weeks. Her son is in and out of the house and is shacked up in her office since additional help to take care of the elderly man who lives with us. Those people have been sleeping on the couch as they chill during what is essentially the graveyard shift. Landlady had spoken with Elderly Man about leaving his door open (he snores, it's loud, keeps me up - that sort of thing), and it was closed the day before her surgery. While she was gone? OPEN. *sigh* He's been keeping it open since she's come home, and it still annoys the crap out of me, but I've been listening to timed recordings lately to help me sleep and usually zonk out halfway through them so I guess they're working. Still...

Her little dogs still yap at whatever is around them or stimulates them: other dogs, the doorbell, someone flushing the toilet, a leaf falling from a tree, each other, the air...

At night they'll start to yap, and I can hear my Landlady screaming at them to shut the frak up. Sometimes they can go on forever.

Her grandkids were over for the weekend which is fine though she normally tells me about visitors. She got a trampoline in the backyard for them to play on which is hilarious. They were on that thing almost all weekend that I could tell. Sitting in my room, I could hear the "bouncy bouncy" sounds of the trampoline which was fine to me since they've run around the house before. Yes children. Stay outside. Bounce to your heart's content!

Still need space in the fridge and pantry. Rearranged the fridge to fit my small amount of food in there, and what happened to it? The same old thing. No one pays attention to the organization that was done and just shoves stuff back into the fridge - pushing my stuff to the back. Everything is Costco sized crap, so my stuff gets lost in the mix until it's eventually unearthed as new penicillin or having formed its own colony or species. Landlady told me that the fridge in the garage has space now, but last time she told me that, it was practically full by the time I got food to put in there. *headdesk*

Family. -- My niece's birthday was officially January 8th, but my brother and his wife usually have her party a little after that since everyone just got over Christmas and they usually have a big party complete with bouncy house, etc, and will wait for better weather.

I love that little weirdo to pieces. She is my favorite person in the whole world.

I also hung out with my mom which was cool. Getting her to read now... though she has the tendency to not do things if I'm not there to bug her about it. We went to the library to get some stuff for her. Hopefully she's read some or most of it since I left.

Got some brother/sister time as well. Had some beer and chit-chatted a bit.

I'm still looking for the SD card that had the pics from my father's visit last year around June/July, but the ones that I have go up to just before my dad's visit and then to September at my friends Kevin & Diana's wedding. My dad periodically reminds me about the pics (which trust me, I haven't forgotten about), but do you know how big an SD card IS? It's the proverbial needle in a haystack! I would think that if I left it at my mom's, that she wouldn't have thrown it away. I'm sure it's either in my room or at least in my trunk/car, but so far I haven't come across it. I hope it turns up, but I'm trying to prepare people in case it doesn't. No one seems to understand that I can't just make the damn thing appear so I'm just taking it one day at a time.

Health. -- Recently had a bout with a cold. Tried to continue going to the gym but eventually congestion took over my brain and made it impossible to deal with treadmills and the like. Then I was out for the weekend for my niece's birthday. I was eventually able to breathe again of my own volition after that, but then powerloss started kicking my body's ass with all those aches and pains you normally get during and maybe even shortly before. For me - since I haven't gotten back on the pill yet -- my symptoms happen about week before any evidence of powerloss appears. And now since I'm older, there's boobie aches and nausea and a frak ton more icky-poo-icky nonsense to deal with. A coworker - Shari S - invited me to do yoga with her this past Sunday. In all honesty I've always wanted to try out yoga. Went once with a friend - Van D - YEARS ago, but that was only the once. But this past Sunday I wasn't feeling up to snuff and with the nausea and aches, I didn't want to bend over to do some yoga pose and end up hurling all over the floor.

Yoga barfing = no sexy

Strangely enough I felt better the latter half of Monday so I decided to venture to the gym after work Tuesday (yesterday). I think it had been two weeks-ish that I hadn't been to the gym, and I thought with my luck that about halfway through my treadmillingness, my body was going to revolt on me and all the powerloss symptoms (which continue during powerloss as well as before and a little time after) would come back to body slam into oblivion. But nope. The crappy fell to my feet.


They always say "It's like riding a bike" - that once you learn how to ride a bike, you essentially can pick it up again easy-peasy. What they don't tell you is that is that your body has to get re-used to riding the damn bike. I don't know about you, but my back needs to readjust to being bent forward over the handlebars of my mountain bike, my legs have to get reaccustomed to pedaling in various gears... and my ASS has to get used to that damn tiny seat!

Who knew that two weeks away from the treadmill would make my feet gripe so much? It's not like I haven't been walking around since then. I was at my niece's birthday party for crying out loud. I've run around on errands, to and from work... but no. My sasquatch tootsies decide to speak up when I'm trying to get healthy and walk some fat off my Cabbage Patch-like figure.

Pardon me as I look down at my feet and flip them the bird.


Now that THAT is done.

(pause to think)

Yeah, I think that's all for now. I mean, yeah... I really need to clean my room. Some stuff to donate. Some stuff to put into storage. Going to the gym makes it a little easier to get to sleep at night. Need to get an oil change soon. Want to volunteer at NERDHQ this year, but work will most likely screw me out of the time off like last year.

Right now... I just want to take a nap.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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