Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writer Seeks More Energy & Time to Write

Billie Frechette: What do you want?
John Dillinger: Everything. Right now.
-from the movie "Public Enemies"

So yeah. It's been a month... ish.

But really - I can explain!

I know working is not an excuse, but given I've been sick as well as have constant insomnia issues... now adding a job into the mix is REALLY frakkin with my body and energy levels.

Plus side to the job though is that sometimes at work, I have free time at the office where I'm allowed to play around on the interwebs. SOOOO... I write! And it is a little more comfortable sitting at a desk and typing on a full "grown up" keyboard versus the minibook set-up and no desk I have at home. (Sitting on my bed for so long hurts the HELL outta my back!)

I also had power cord issues where the original power cord for the minibook decided to commit suicide and not work for me anymore. I really didn't have the funds to buy a new one, but it was really needed in order to write as well as just surf the net in general, so I bit the bullet and bought one... and a little fan to place beneath it to prevent from overheating.

(BREAK TIME: Grabbed a Red Bull.)

Okay, where was I? Ah yes!

So pretty much sickness + insomnia + no power for the minibook to write/post anything with = LATE STORY BLOG POSTS!!!

And that makes me sad... but I will survive. (cue Gloria Gaynor)

At present, I'm working on story blog updates... of which I have FIVE left (but that's just for September - I'll post those updates later). I just thought I'd take some time to write a main blog update here to let all my readers (I'm pretending people actually read my stuff) know that I haven't died or been abducted my aliens with probes who don't buy you a drink first.

Yeah, I'm babbling.

Can I make a confession? I am kinda proud of some of the stuff I wrote for the September updates... and that's saying A LOT since I am my own worst critic and most of the time think my stuff is (insert creative disgusting expletive here), but there are times - those very rare occasions - where I impress myself or make myself giggle or just mentally (or sometimes physically) high-five myself.

On a sad note, I am behind on some other things as well as have decided to postpone others.

I owe my friend Jillian S a story, but due to complications mentioned above as well as too much writing on my plate as is, I'm hella behind. But then again, I think she knows this since I've written her a story for her birthday before a few years ago, and it became a belated birthday story. (This unfortunately will be the same thing.)

As far as the daily blog story stuff based on the idea by the lovely Shazzbaa, I think I will postpone that project/idea until the beginning of the new year. I would still like to do it, but I want to get a groove going with work and home and my other writing projects. I was getting behind as it was and only had written perhaps two weeks worth when I stealthily started it back on September 1st, but yeah... I'm most likely going to delete those entries and start afresh. I haven't decided if, like Shazzbaa did, use real names. It's already based off of my life, but I renamed everyone in the previous version of it. But I have a couple months to decide, right?

There was also the 100 day blog post thing for another blog site I'm part of (though don't really go to much anymore sadly). It was to pick something you could blog about for 100 days (not necessarily consecutively, but you get the jist). I have picked a topic (need to find my list again and refine it). Maybe I'll start that during the new year, too.

(ahhhh Red Bull... the juice of the gods... and late-night closing employees)

All righty then. I'm presently at the office (can we say CLOSING SHIFT?), and my lunch is almost over so I think I'll sign off on this post right about now.

So much writing... so many ideas... so little time to do it all in...

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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