Monday, April 16, 2012

Too Frakked To Think Of A Title

Sam Weber: So how's your life?
Karen: Oh, great. How's yours?
Sam Weber: Not so great.
Karen: Ohhh, we're telling the truth. 
-from the movie "The Big Chill"

Hello my lovelies!  And how are we all this fine and glorious day?

Just to give you a heads up, it's around 4:30am when I'm starting this so that should give you some indication of how *I* am.

Yes.  Insomnia has been one fickle, torturous bitch that has been bullying me a lot more lately (and winning).  The other day, I didn't get to sleep until about noon.  The day after that?  Maybe between 10am and 11am.  Most days I get tired enough to sleep anywhere between 2am to 7am, but then housemates start to get up and make noise, the dogs bark, phones ring...

It would lovely and ideal if I could sleep at roughly a regular time every night and be awesomely functional with 3-5 hours of sleep... which I can (if kept busy).  The moment I stop or sit down?  Stick a fork in me cuz I be done!

There are other things aside from insomnia (which are most definitely aiding the evil wench in her mission to make me a sleepless zombie) that are happening/have happened that have not kept me in the best of moods and mindsets (drama betwixt my friends, failures in establishing occupational/financial bliss, potential car issues, deaths of loved ones, etc) leaving me a bit of an emotional weirdo, but I won't get into those because they are forever in my heart and mind and so talking about it on my writing bloggy blog won't really make a lick of sense.

But I could always use those feelings in my writing.

Anyway... on to the status of where I'm at presently with April's story blogs (in no particular order):

  • Nedea is on part twelve.
  • Tales of the Unemployed and Unloved is on part eight.
  • Della is on part six.
  • The Strange Adventures of Princess Blue is on part twenty-three.
  • Stoically Challenged gets another homework assignment completed at the same time Kearie gets another installment with "Fever Dream".
So that makes six story blog updates, leaving (checks notes) eight blogs to update (nine if you count the Wheels-O-Wonder one I've been lagging on).

And by "lagging", I mean "completely stuck and have no idea how to fix it".

And none of those stories include the story that I'm trying to write for my friend Chris M,

LOL!  And my friend Tammie B. asked me to write her something.

Oh yeah... and I'm thinking about participating in a 100 Things Blogging Challenge on a different site I'm also on.  The basic premise is: 1. Pick a Thing.
and then... 2. Commit to blog about it 100 times.  (Problem is, I can't seem to think of a "thing" to blog about.

So much to do.  So little time.  (Even less sanity.)

Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  The coolest thing happened recently. 

What's that Rae?  Tell me more.

Well, I'll tell you!

The other day I was surfing my Twitter (Did that sound dirty to anyone else or just me?) when low and behold I found this little gem in my mentions (Again... dirty or just me?):
First I saw the "found an awesome blog" bit and was wondering how this concerned me.  Then I got to the web address, and my eyes about popped out of my head.  I must have reread the tweet a hundred times.  I was just filled with glee because...
  • someone mentioned me on their account (of their own free will)
  • they said my blog was awesome
  • they said I was funny
Now I've used the words "awesome" and "funny" in jest when in reference to myself, but someone else thinking so?  That's just cool!

I haven't been this happy since Scheherazade K. expressed an interest in reading my work (nothing scary, violent or creepy since she doesn't dig that sort of thing which sucks since that is my sort of thing... sort of), and I let her read Clothes Make the Memory... and she cried.  I remember being torn since I wanted to hug my friend and comfort her since she was crying, but then was proud and ecstatic that something *I* wrote could evoke that kind of reaction.  I've been told to make someone laugh is one thing, but to make them cry is a greater accomplishment.

But that's my fiction we're talking about there.  What my pal Joshua from the above tweet is referencing is non-fiction.  (And as it is, I still need to find something to review for this month.)

Wonder how he came across my blog...

In any case, he's supporting me so I'll support him.  All the information is listed above in the tweet and caption.  Stop by his sites and say howdy! 

Ahhh, the sound of birds in the morning.  Sounds almost like the victorious banshee cries of insomnia winning again.  (Curses! and Drat! and all other sorts of exclamations of the pissed off variety.)

It's 6:30am, and I suppose I should sign off for now.  My last update was on the 3rd.  It's only been 13 days until this one.  I've stopped posting individual notices of when I've finished an story blog update and have just included them in my main blog posts.  In doing that, a part of me doesn't want to write a blog post if I don't have anything to show for it (meaning I haven't really written anything save the blog post).  Hopefully my writing mojo will kick back into gear and make it so I update more often.

We shall see.

Until then, I'll keep muddling through.

But for now... I shall sleep (or at least try to).

Later my lovelies!

Have Goodness!

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